It’s Almost Like They Bring Their Way of Life With Them

The belief that the dirt in western countries is somehow magical seems to take a hit every day. The reality of the world is that people’s customs and religion are a reflection of their genetic racial make up. Thus, moving them to other parts of the planet doesn’t have any real effect on their beliefs or the actions they take. When you objectively think about it this would appear to be obvious on its face but this observable reality flies in the face of the “we’re all the same but for the color of the skin” lies the Jews have peddled to us over the years.

A father accused of killing his daughter was caught on surveillance video loading his revolver at a gas station the day before the shooting, a court has heard.

Jamal Mansour, 64, from Rocky River, Ohio, has pleaded not guilty to aggravated murder and other charges stemming from the shooting of 27-year-old Tahani Mansour on September 27 in their family home.

Now, with a name like Jamal you might be thinking black but no, today’s winner comes from Jordan.



The father, a wealthy businessman, told a judge after his arrest that the shooting was accidental, however prosecutors argue the footage of him loading the weapon proves he had a ‘calculated plan’.

So much for poverty being the cause of crime.

Court records indicate Mansour said he shot his daughter ‘out of anger’. Authorities haven’t released further details about a potential motive.

Prosecutors allege Mansour shot his daughter three times in the head, once from just one-foot away, reports. 

Shot her three times in the head at point blank range while she was in bed and he thought he could claim it was an accident. LOLOLOL

During an arraignment hearing in September, Rocky River Prosecutor Michael O’Shea described the killing as an ‘execution’. 

The prosecutor’s description of the killing has raised the suggestion that it might have been an honor killing, but the suspect’s attorney, Angelo Lenardo, vehemently denied it, saying the very notion was ‘racist and offensive.’  

Pointing out the obvious is of course racist and offensive and of course there is no greater offence in the west than to be racist and offensive. Even shooting your daughter three times in the head pales in comparison.

Mansour, a married father-of-six and a grandfather, moved to the U.S. from Jordan in 1978, and owned several stores across Ohio.

Why did he have to come here? As far as the mid east countries go, Jordan isn’t exactly Yemen.

Records show that Jamal had previously threatened to commit suicide over Tahani’s work-related trip to Las Vegas. 

The station WOIO obtained a police report dated December 1, 2012, saying that someone had called the authorities saying that Jamal had threatened to take his own life if his daughter failed to return home from a conference in Las Vegas by 7am the next day.

Police officers performed a welfare check on Jamal, who denied ever threatening to harm himself but confirmed that he was upset with Tahani for going to Las Vegas. 

6666                                                                                         No mention of her mother in the article but I’m going to assume she was white as the daughter doesn’t show very many monkey characteristics. 


So Jamal’s daughter does to Vegas with her job and he knows that Vegas = slutting it up western style. What happens next? The same thing that happens in Jordan when fathers decide that their daughters are slutting it up: honor killings. It doesn’t matter if they have money and it doesn’t matter what geographic location they live in. This is the thing that so many of you miss when it comes to discussing the Moslem problem: the religion is simply a reflection of their own racial identity. If you brought in atheists from the same part of the world you would still wind up with the same vibrant results. The religion is simply the justification.


Another Edition of Excitement With Blacks

Man would our societies be dull and predictable if we didn’t have blacks living among us. Just think about it, you would go about your day to day lives with hardly any chance of sudden excitement. Do you want to know what blacks contribute to our society? Vibrancy! 

A Pennsylvania man who led police on a chase that ended with a fiery crash that killed three people in another car was likely driving more than 100 mph and had a suspended license, police said in a criminal complaint filed Friday.

Even trips to the grocery store are made more exciting with blacks.

Demetrius Coleman, 22, of Pittsburgh, is charged with criminal homicide, vehicular homicide, and aggravated assault with a vehicle among other charges in the Thanksgiving afternoon crash on a busy highway about 10 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. He remained in UPMC Mercy hospital in police custody Friday…

The name is of course a dead give away. What’s funny is the story doesn’t have his picture so I was having to do a Google search for him. You would be surprised at how many criminals there are by the name of Demetrius Coleman. Then gain, maybe not.

6666Such a shock and I’ll bet he was in the process of turning his life around.


Coleman was pulled over by East McKeesport police about 2:30 p.m. Thursday for making an illegal turn, then sped away when officers learned he was wanted for violating his probation for a felony charge of possessing with intent to deliver drugs, the complaint said. Specifics on the drug charge weren’t immediately available Friday because it was a court holiday.

“The problem is the drug laws! If we didn’t have all of these drug laws he really would have been a good boy who dindu nuffin”….libertarians.

Two adults and a toddler in the car Coleman hit at the intersection of U.S. Route 30 and state Route 48 were killed when it burst into flames. The crash scene, in North Versailles, was about 2 miles away from the initial traffic stop.

6666Another white family destroyed in the name of the false god of equality. 


Tell me again altruists how the life of this nigger is equal to the lives of this white family.

Online court records show Coleman was on probation for a 2012 drug possession case when he was charged with drug possession with intent to deliver in March. He was sentenced to jail, but then paroled and had his probation on the former case extended.

If the only reason blacks are so over represented in prison is because of racism, why is it that this pillar of the community managed to receive parole? In a National Socialist state, people are held responsible for the areas they are in charge of. I’m not talking about holding the criminal in this case responsible that’s a given, I’m talking about holding the people who granted him parole and turned him out on the streets responsible. The blood of this family is on the hands of those who said, “Meh sure he seems like he’s turning his life around. Let’s let him out”. Can you imagine how much more careful they would be in making these decisions if they knew that if something like this were to happen they would be held responsible? But but but Grandpa Lampshade, if we did that hardly anyone would get parole! Yeah, that’s the idea.

As Locke crested a hill, he could see the roof of Coleman’s vehicle weaving in and out of traffic and approaching the intersection, where the light was red, the complaint said.

That’s when Locke saw a “large fireball and the telephone pole was immediately sheared in half and flipped over,” the complaint said. Police used a vehicle to push Coleman’s vehicle away from the burning vehicle, where a man was found lying outside, dead, with the woman and child inside the burning wreckage.

Yeah sure it sucks when your family gets burned to death but at least you aren’t a racist.

Paul Trammel, who lives nearby and rushed to the scene when he heard the crash, said police “should have backed off” because “they would have eventually gotten the guy sooner or later. … They had the guy’s license plate.”

From the name I’ll assume this is a white guy. Behold the cuck in it’s natural environment: blaming the police for the reckless criminal behavior of blacks. Because we all know if the police  hadn’t chased him then he wouldn’t have done anything and would have probably got his rap career off the ground and become a real contribution to society. Yeah sure a nice white family has been taken from society and we’ll never get them back but don’t worry there are countless more Demetrius’ out there to replace them. It’s time to stop being a faggot, stop making excuses for them and face the hard question: what exactly do we gain from having blacks in our society?


Everything is Better With Diversity

You see, the great thing about diversity is that everything is way more exciting. Let’s take the dreadful practice of having to decorate for the holidays. I myself just hate doing it as it seems like you go through all of the trouble to do it and then you turn around and it’s already time to take them all down. However when you throw in a little vibrancy BOOM fun times!

Three men hanging Christmas lights were shot Wednesday night after getting into an argument with a passing motorist, police in Philadelphia said. 

I know you racists out there are probably already jumping to conclusions but I’ll tell you when I was a kid growing up in rural Texas there were plenty of times a drive by went down while we were dragging the freshly cut tree into the house.

The victims told police that they were outside decorating their homes in the city’s Juanita neighborhood with Christmas lights when a dark grey Chevy Impala with tinted windows drove down their block, Fox 29 reported. 

6666I’ll go out on a limb here and guess it probably looked like this. 


The vehicle initially drove past the victims, before backing up while a passenger asked the victims if they had a problem and if they had hit his car.

One minute you’re drudging through the thankless job of hanging Christmas lights thinking,’Ugh will I ever get done with this?’ the next thing you know: excitement!

At that time, another man who was standing outside with the victims asked the front passenger if he had a problem. The front passenger then took out a handgun and fired at the victims, police told Fox 29.

Yep it’s the normal response of everyone everywhere regardless of race to drive around booming incomprehensible jungle tunes and suddenly spot someone dissing you while hanging Christmas lights. And just like anyone else the only answer is to bust a cap on them. Not a day goes by that I’m not glad that Jews have taught us that race is a social construct, otherwise every time one of these stories came out racist Nazis would just start assuming it was blacks when it could very well have been anybody.

The shooter is described as a black male in his 20s wearing a light grey knitted cap, brown complexion, armed with a dark grey semi-automatic handgun, Fox 29 reported. 

The second suspect is described by police as a black male in his 20s with a darker complexion and shoulder length hair that is possibly dreadlocks.

Oh. Well what do you know? The racist Nazis are right again. Well still, it could have been anybody it just happened to be blacks this time….and the time before and the time before that. There is no reason to jump to conclusions that race plays a role in people’s behavior patterns. It’s also pure coincidence that the second suspect description happens to sound just like a description of the black school bus driver that asked all the kids if they were ready to die before flipping the bus over and killing several of them. However even if the racist Nazis are right and race does play a role in these things, it doesn’t matter because we should still be thankful that these blacks bring so much excitement to what would otherwise be boring dull white societies. With blacks, it’s never a dull moment.

We’re All Russian Comrades Now

The (((media))) continues to sell this notion that anyone who is opposing the Marxist agenda for our country are all just Russian trolls on Putin’s payroll. If this is so, would someone please tell Vlad my check is late, because I could really use the shekels. This ties in with the latest noise they have been making about so called “fake news” on social media. I knew the minute this fake news thing started circulating around that it was going to be some sort of effort to shut us down. Indeed, it’s become obvious that is indeed what it is.

Analysts have accused Russia of sponsoring the spread of ‘fake news’ on social media accounts to swing the US election for Donald Trump. 

Two separate groups have alleged that the Kremlin was behind Twitter and Facebook posts promoting anti-Hillary Clinton stories.

One told The Washington Post how the ‘propaganda’ was designed to chip away at American voters’ faith in democracy. 

Isn’t it funny how the people who are claiming to be so worried that the Russians are chipping away at people’s faith in the democracy are at the same time going on and on about how somehow Trump isn’t the real winner of the election because of the Russians? I guess we aren’t supposed to notice this because we are too busy out grabbing up those bargains on black Friday.

In a blog post titled ‘Trolling for Trump: How Russia Is Trying To Destroy Our Democracy’, analysts Andrew Weisburd, Clint Watts and JM Berger described how they began tracking social media accounts in 2014 when ‘organized trolls’ targeted posts which criticized the Russian-supported Syrian government regime.

Hmmm (((Weisburd))) and (((Berger))) eh? Surprise surprise Goyim!

The trolls worked alongside what the analysts called ‘honeypot’ accounts – fake profiles of young, attractive women eager to become involved in politics with American users.

Well hell, there goes all those fashy females I thought were following me. It turns out it’s just some hairy Russian in his mom’s basement. Thanks for letting me know media kikes.

‘Today, that network is still hard at work, running at peak capacity to destroy Americans’ confidence in their system of government. 

Americans already have like 0 confidence in the government. Exactly how are these people going about doing this? Are they the ones talking non stop about how somehow Hillary was cheated or that now the system should be rigged and the electoral voters should jew us all over by switching their votes to Hillary?

‘We’ve monitored more than 7,000 social media accounts over the last 30 months and at times engaged directly with them,’ the blog post read. 

Among ‘fake’ stories peddled by accounts with links to Moscow was one focused on Clinton’s apparent ill health after she fell ill at a 9/11 memorial event in September. 

Speculation grew over her condition after she appeared to faint on camera while getting in to her car. A string of stories ensued after the Democratic candidate appeared at other events fighting a lingering cough. 

It was later revealed she was battling pneumonia. Some outlets, however, picked up on claims she was suffering Parkinson’s disease or Syphilis.

The unfounded reports were then shared thousands of times on Twitter, said the experts.

Oy vey! The Goyim aren’t listening to our narrative….shut it down!



Another ‘fake’ story, according to the Post, told how anti-Trump protesters were being paid to appear at rallies.

Other American outlets, including ABC, reported claims from anonymous sources they had been paid to appear in protest against the businessman at the time. 

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that this entire article about fake news stories that they admit here were even covered (though in a limited sense) by the MSM is using a blog as their chief source of material? What elevates this into even more top kek territory is comparing the real world work we’ve done on the internet uncovering and exposing their lies being framed as somehow fake to this story about a poor Syrian girl who is begging for someone to come stop the Russians from bombing her ISIS neighbors in Aleppo. In this amazing piece we’re treated to a heart wrenching story about a little girl in Syria who has watched what she knows are Russian bombs killing her best friend  and is in desperate need of help who just also so happens to still have top notch internet service.

6666The only thing keeping me going while hiding in my bed from Russian bombs is being able to still update my status on Facebook. 


The entire piece is observably half assed propaganda that is designed to get the Goyim on board with the Jews’ goal of toppling Assad and helping ISIS, even if it risks a conflict that could escalate to global nuclear war. Yet, it is presented to us without any skepticism. We are supposed to have an emotional reaction and jump on board with yet another foreign policy that is absolutely counter to everyone involved’s interests except for the Jews.

6666It’s not like we haven’t seen this trick before. 


They’ve overused this tactic to the point that even the normies are becoming immune to it. Now they have the chutzpah to whine about our efforts online to expose their lies for what they are as fake news while bombarding us nonstop with this observably false BS. They so much want to turn back the clock 30 years to a time when they completely controlled the flow of information the people had access to. It was a the one unforeseen vulnerability in their democracy scam. Now that the cat is out of the bag and we have the internet, we are no longer captive to their propaganda to get the masses to go along with their own destruction for the benefit of the Jews. It’s a whole new world and their system of control is breaking down.






Black Friday

One of the most dehumanizing things that you see on display in America is this black Friday nonsense. Coming  back into town yesterday evening I drove past the Walmart and saw that the parking lot was completely full. I have often pointed out that in the capitalist utopia of America today, we are nothing more than livestock whose sole purpose in life is for those who rule over us to milk us for shekels and make themselves richer and richer. They charge you a ridiculous amount of money to be born and a ridiculous amount of money to bury you when you die. Everything else in between amounts to being a wage slave and fighting over cheap made crap from China as though your life depends on it. When you look at the pictures of people on black Friday, this takes on a literal meaning. People are lined up like cattle outside the store. Then when they open the doors they jostle into one another like cattle being herded through the chute to go inside and spend more money they really don’t have on cheap made crap that won’t last that they really probably don’t even need. The black Friday fun doesn’t just stop there though; it takes on an even more fun and exciting angle when the term takes on a literal meaning by throwing in the vibrancy. Because as well all know, you can’t have any sort of big gathering of blacks without some surprise outbreaks of violence. Let the fun begin!

around-blacks-never-relax                                                                  Ima getting my shoppin on muffugha.


Two people were shot dead and two others were injured in three separate incidents in New Jersey, Nevada and Tennessee as Black Friday shopping kicked off.

I wonder what races were involved in these? SMH there I go being a racist and assuming that random shootings more than likely involve blacks.

A man was fatally shot and his brother was wounded in a shooting outside of a Macy’s in New Jersey on Friday morning while another was shot dead in an apparent road rage incident in a Walmart parking lot in Nevada on Thursday.

A fourth person suffered a gunshot wound on Thursday at a mall in Tennessee as shoppers were taking part in early Black Friday sales.

Sure you might get shot and killed but it’s totally worth it to grab up that $2 off item from China that you didn’t even know you needed yesterday!

A 20-year-old Atlantic City man was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene while his 26-year-old brother, from Clayton, was shot in the leg and listed in stable condition at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

Officials did not immediately say what sparked the shooting or if they had any suspects. 

I always think it’s funny when police officials are at a complete loss for an explanation of motive when it comes to a shooting. It’s always a tip off that blacks are more than likely involved. When it’s white people, 90% of the time the motive becomes clear right away. With blacks, it’s always a complete mystery because to come to the conclusion that they are genetically predisposed to outbursts of violence over the smallest things would just be pure racism.

Meanwhile in Nevada on Thursday, a person was shot dead in a road rage incident in a Walmart parking lot in Reno, police said.

Ok, I’ll admit as I read through this I thought, ‘Ok this one might possible be an angry white guy.’

Police and the FBI are investigating the Thanksgiving shooting as authorities search for a dark-colored Toyota Camry or Corolla that was driven by a driver described as a light-skinned black male.



LOL Guess not.

In Tennessee, a man suffered a gunshot wound after shots were fired at Wolfchase Galleria Mall in Memphis on Thursday around 11.15pm as shoppers were looking to score Black Friday deals at the mall.

I drove through Memphis while traveling last year. 0/10 could not relax. It’s a total shit hole which as we all know means all blacks.

6666I just don’t understand this Grandpa Lampshade guy. What could he possibly mean that this entire black Friday thing is an illustration of our lives as livestock? 

6666Chill out and get dem bargains muffugha. 


Video apparently recorded inside a Walmart in Bainbridge, Georgia, showed shoppers fighting over towels that were on sale for $1.60 during the Black Friday rush on Thursday.

At one point, one woman so eager to get her hands on a power of towels fall into the box. 

It’s just like when they’re looting, it really doesn’t matter what they’re grabbing they just go into a frenzy. Now let’s switch back to the ecnomics angle of this madness.

With increased confidence in job security, wage growth and soaring markets, shoppers are planning to spend, spend, spend over the holidays. 

Wage growth? LOL Wut? I just love media stories that highlight how completely detached from the reality of the day to day lives of average working people these folks are. Somehow you are supposed to believe that the stock market going up = you are doing better because economics.



They also estimate that holiday sales will grow 3.6 percent on last year – bringing a $630.05 billion boon to the economy.

Does it ever strike you as funny that every year we hear how all this shopping frenzy is this big boon to the economy? Yet when it is all over with, you find that you are even more broke than you were before with nothing to show but some cheap made Chinese crap. This ties in with the notion they perpetuate that GDP growth = life is better for everyone when the truth is, GDP growth = debt growth which means the Jews’ usury scam can go on a little longer. They whip these events up and ingrain them into our culture to make you feel as though you must go out and spend this money even if you don’t have it by putting it on your credit card. Of course, this means ridiculous interest rates and entrenches you deeper into your position as a debt slave. Let’s face it: for the Jews this IS boon to the economy.

Tricky Kikes Still Trying to Jew the People Over

One thing about Jews, they’re consistent. I’ve mentioned this before but we Nazis don’t have an irrational hatred of these people, it’s simply a matter of pattern recognition. Take this story today, the Jew Jill Stein of the Green Party has somehow miraculously raised the money in record time for a recount of votes in key swing states that went for Trump. But why? She got a whopping 1% of the popular vote and 0 electoral votes in the election. A recount will change absolutely nothing for her results. It must be a matter of her fulfilling her civic duty in helping the Goyim.

Washington (AFP) – The former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has raised the necessary $1.1 million to request a vote recount in Wisconsin, her campaign announced Thursday.

Wow that’s a decent amount of money. I didn’t even know she was trying to raise money for this, did you? I’m sure it was all raised by the American people on a grass roots level.




The Midwestern state was a key battleground in the November 8 election, helping propel the Republican President-elect Donald Trump past his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to a victory that shocked the nation.

Yeah but what does this have to do with a supposed 3rd party that barely squeezed out 1% of the vote?

“Congratulations on meeting the recount costs for Wisconsin,” Stein’s website read.

“Raising money to pay for the first round so quickly is a miraculous feat and a tribute to the power of grassroots organizing.”

Yeah it’s almost like the Marxist left is working together against us and any 3rd party options they offer to their people are just a charade.

The recount demands could reignite concern over the legitimacy of the vote, which followed a bitter presidential campaign that included persistent charges of foreign hacking and rigging.

They better be careful about going down this road. The more time goes by the easier it will be to start looking into how many illegal immigrants voted (which is obviously against the law and constitutes vote fraud).

Stein’s campaign has cited unspecified “anomalies” in the election as grounds to request a recount in Wisconsin, as well as Pennsylvania and Michigan, also swing states.

“The unexpected results of the election and reported anomalies need to be investigated before the 2016 presidential election is certified,” Stein said on her website. “We deserve elections we can trust.”

How many votes were you cheated out of Jew? Let’s say they miraculously uncovered an extra 50% of votes for Stein, that would give her still less than 2% of the popular vote and would almost exclusively come out of votes that went to Hillary. Well, it would assuming we’re talking about a legitimate investigation into votes and not Jew trickery. You can take a guess which one I’m betting on.

6666Jill (((Stein))); she’s just worried about the integrity of the election process for the Goyim. 100% trustworthy. 

Wisconsin swung Republican for the time since voters there helped elect Ronald Reagan in 1984.

I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact that Hillary’s poorly run campaign (against the advice of her husband Bill) essentially didn’t even bother to campaign there. No that can’t be it. It has to be from expert Russian hackers who managed to hack into the voting machines even though they aren’t connected to the internet. I tell you, those Ruskies are a tricky bunch.

Stein’s campaign has currently raised $2.7 million toward its $4.5 million goal. The campaign anticipates eventually needing $6 million to $7 million to cover attorney fees and statewide recount observation costs.

You might be worried that there is nobody out there who is looking out for our interests, our concerns and the credibility of our elections. Fear not for thankfully we have the shining beacon of the democracy among us, the Jews who wake up every morning concerned for the electoral integrity of the Goyim. It’s a part of being the chosen ones; looking after the Goys so they can enjoy the freedums and democracy. You can bet if the election went the other way, these Jews would be doing the same thing to assure the vote was legitimate right? I would hope so because to suggest otherwise would be to imply that they are once again just trying to Jew us over and that would just be pure anti-semitism.

Blog Notes: Happy Thanksgiving

Like many of you, Grandpa Lampshade will be out and about for most of the day for Thanksgiving. As a result, I can’t promise much in the form of blog updates for Thursday. Don’t fret, more content will be forthcoming! Just think of it as I’m on a super secret mission to thwart the plans of these kikes (or I could just be eating Turkey). Happy Thanksgiving Goys!