Some Stories Are Almost As Nonsensical As The Holocaust

Boy oh boy, am I going to rustle some jimmies with this article.


One of the good (or perhaps bad) things about becoming aware of the lie that is the Holocaust is that you wind up becoming more or less immune to stories that are presented to you in a manner that is supposed to elicit an emotional response from you but when you look at them them logically, they actually are pretty far fetched. Those who are not immune to this emotional manipulation will usually react quite negatively to any highlighting of the absurdity of the story. Let’s take this story I came across today. Now look, I understand that people are sold into sex slavery. I believe #Pizzagate is a real thing and that children are trafficked for the rich and powerful to use for their sick pleasure and for blackmail purposes. However I also know there are such things out there as crazy people and women who lie.

A woman has bravely recounted how she overcame a childhood of being gang raped, sexually abused by family members and trafficked.
Jessa Dillow Crisp, who is now 29 and lives in Denver, Colorado, only broke free from traffickers in 2010.

Mmmmm ok. Sounds pretty bad TBH let’s read on.

Her abuse started aged 10 in her home country of Canada where she was molested by members of her own family.

Again, sounds quite plausible. Sadly as much as the education system stresses “stranger danger” the vast majority of children who are victimized are victimized by either family members or people close to the family.

111First red flag: if these aren’t crazy eyes than I don’t know what is. 

By now you are all probably like, “Oh come on GPL. Of course she has crazy eyes, she was gang raped from the age of 10.” Well the thing about this story is that just like how nobody really argues that Jews were put into camps by Hitler where we part ways is when it comes to lampshades and soap, this woman’s story gets more and more bizarre and far fetched as we go.

She was then sold to various pimps and friends of her family who abused her.

Ok I guess if her family was already basically running a sex trafficking operation that’s possible, as they would have contacts and such. Because honestly, I think if you went up to a random nigger pimp on the street and were like, “Hey Tyrone, wanna buy a ten year old?” he would be like……..


I mean, this isn’t something you could just randomly go up to people and try to peddle off to them. Still, like I said maybe her family was already knee deep in these sort of operations and were just looking for the opportunity for her to reach the magic age of 10 (since there is no mention of abuse prior to this age) for them to be able to start farming her out.

‘My abuse and trafficking started before the age of 10 and my family was definitely involved. Sadly, as I work with survivors I am finding out that “familial trafficking” is very common.’

First contradiction: it was already stated earlier in the article that it started when she was 10. Now it’s before she was 10.

‘After the child pornography started, that is when the trafficking started with me being sold to people in the neighborhood.

Ok, I hope I haven’t already lost a lot of ya’ll thus far. I realize that up until this point her story is actually pretty plausible and except for a few discrepancies could and in fact may be 100% true. However, the above quoted part is just pure bullshit. She makes it a point earlier in the story to say this occurred in the normal suburbs of Canada. Now you tell me, how the hell do you just suddenly start pimping out a 10 year old in your neighborhood? No seriously I’m not joking around here or making light of a serious topic. Let’s say this is you and you are a sick pedo who decides one day that you’re bored of raping and filming your ten year old daughter so you decide to take it to the next level and make her start earning her keep by letting the neighbors have a go at her. How the hell does that exactly happen? It’s not a topic you could bring up in casual conversation like, “Yeah I tell ya, I lost my ass on that football bet last Sunday Jim, I really need to make some of that money back. Speaking of which, how much would you pay me for my 10 year old?”

111            Unless this is parked in your neighbor’s driveway I’m pretty sure you would risk an ass kicking as well as getting arrested for casually bringing up renting out your 10 year old to your neighbor.

‘Eventually my trafficking progressed into a deeper and darker evil where I was taken overseas for the sole purpose of being trafficked. It was not only terrifying, but during that time I often wondered if I would survive.’

The story continues to grow and grow.

Police officers were some of my buyers and multiple times I was handcuffed, raped, and told that if I told anyone I would be put in jail.

Ok at this point of her story, she has been sex trafficked and gang raped by her family, sold to the neighbors and now taken overseas and sexed out over there. At this point, she claims to be in professionally run child sex brothels. I’m pretty sure that by now, we’re beyond the threat of “If you tell anyone……..” I’m sorry but that’s for when creepy uncle Jesse decides to put his hand up your skirt, not after you’ve been sold out more times than a 1978 Buick LeMans.

But she said her terrifying ordeal got worse.

Honestly, how could it get worse? Is she going to have to start eating diamonds?

‘I had somebody very close to me tortured and she eventually died in front of my eyes’, she recounted.

Yeah that would suck. Now obviously I don’t know the ins and outs of the child sex trafficking world but considering the amount of trouble you can get in for it, I’m assuming that child sex slaves fetch a pretty hefty price. Thus, I don’t understand why they would suddenly decide to torture and murder one of their money makers but hey, sick people do sick stuff. Let’s continue on.

1111Seriously though fam, those eyes……

At her lowest point, she said her life changed when she met a woman who worked with survivors of sex trafficking at the age of 21.

Oh good, finally the story can start taking a positive turn.

Ms Dillow Crisp finally plucked up the courage to ring her and called her from under a pile of blankets hiding from her pimps.

Ok, again; when the story started she was 10. At this point of the story she is 21 yet according to this woman she was hiding from her pimps under a blanket……like a 10 year old would do. Do you see where at least parts of her story are beginning to sound, shall we say, a bit embellished?

The woman helped her get to the airport, onto a plane and into a safe house for women who had experienced human trafficking.

Well good. Our heroin managed to finally escape her horrible fate.

But after finding peace in the US, she had to return to Canada because her visa was only a six-month tourist permit.

Oh wow, that’s almost just like what Trump is doing to the Moslems!

Tragically, on her return, she was befriended by a female pimp when the Vancouver safehouse she was staying in closed.

WTF Canada? I realize you’ve imported the Mid East and all but is the entire country one big whore house?

111                                                                   Back in my day we didn’t have “female pimps” we had “madams”. I guess this is all a part of that progress thing. 

She told MailOnline: ‘She was very kind and I had no inkling during that time that she was going to traffic me, I just knew that there was a kind lady who was paying attention to me when I needed help and was all alone.


*sigh* Ohhhh kay I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if you were sex trafficked by your relatives, the police, wealthy businessmen and half of Hungry by the time you were 15 that by the time you were 21 you would have developed some serious trust issues. I mean like, you wouldn’t trust anyone. Again we see this woman switching the character in the story she’s telling back and forth from adulthood to childhood. Remember at this point in her story she is 21 and has been used as a sex slave for over half of her life and yet like a child she just trusted this woman who gave her some positive attention. This is a major tell that this is a lie in that she can’t keep the character in the story straight. She keeps switching back and forth between being a 21 year old and a 10 year old.

‘She said, “Jessa, I see sexual abuse in your eyes.” I thought I had found a friend.’

I can’t imagine where the story is going next. Perhaps a Mengele experiment.

‘After building an exclusive relationship with me, she took me back to her home where she broke my will and trafficked me during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.’

Oh. Olympic sized trick turning. At this point of the story she is no longer a sex slave she just a prostitute turning tricks.

‘After that second trafficking experience it was almost impossible for me to trust anyone. I was a slave once again.’

Ok so now she has trust issues. Not after being rented out to the neighbors for their family sex reunions. Not after her family sent her overseas for a pleasure cruise minus the pleasure. Not after watching another victim being tortured and murdered. No, she developed her trust issues after this woman who she thought was her friend talked her into turning some tricks at the Olympics.

But after falling into the horrifying world of sex trafficking once more, she managed to escape a second time and return to the US.

Oh yay.

After returning to the safehouse in the States, the director there encouraged her to enrol at college.
The 29-year-old graduated with a BA in clinical counseling and is currently working on an MA in clinical mental health counseling as a step toward a psychology doctorate in clinical psychology where she hopes to specialized in trauma recovery.
She has a GoFundMe account which can be found here.

Why does she have a GoGundMe? Why don’t I have a GoFundMe? I ask because it would almost seem to me like the fact that she’s trying to get some money might lead her to spice her story up a bit. Just sayin’.

When she is not working, she enjoys hiking Colorado’s mountains with her husband John, and is an aspiring photographer.

So she’s married now. Her husband obviously never heard the phrase “Don’t stick it in the crazy.” I’m serious, I saved the best pic for last.


ROFLMAO She looks like predator about to eat him or something. This poor guy actually married the crazy. This isn’t a case of “she’s a little different” I can sense the batshit crazy from here.

The programming that I’m trying to punch through by shredding parts of this story is this notion that everyone (especially if they are female) with a sad story must be believed because the story is sad. I’m not telling you to give up your compassion or your humanity, I’m just telling you to not give up your brain. Just because a story is sad and is being told by a woman does not mean that a story is true. I want you to really work on breaking through this because this is one of the chief ways in which people are manipulated everyday through the media. The ramifications of this are very serious. We are facing an opposition with an agenda no less hostile than our total destruction and or subjugation. If you are really unlucky you might even wind up married to a full on crazy with a sad story.



John McCain is Nothing More Than a Traitorous Shill

For some reason because John McCain crashed multiple aircraft in Vietnam and eventually got captured, we’re not supposed to criticize or mention the fact that as a Senator he’s a treasonous shill for the Jews. 

President Donald Trump tore into Arizona Sen. John McCain this morning, claiming that the former prisoner of war has been ‘losing so long he doesn’t know how to win anymore.’

You notice that when the Jewish owned and operated media wants to protect McCain from criticism, they always mention the POW thing. Ask yourself this: what the hell does being a POW have to do with McCain’s political career? If you ask me, he’s done his best to turn us all into POW’s. POW’s of the ZOG regime.

mccain-memeWhat’s wrong with you stupid Goys? Don’t you know that Israel’s interests are our interests? 

McCain and Trump have never seen eye-to-eye on foreign policy, and the Republican senator has been especially critical of the president’s first special op, a raid in Yemen on an al Qaeda affiliate.
The White House has repeatedly said the assault was a ‘success,’ even though a Navy SEAL and an eight-year-old American girl died in the crossfire.
‘While many of the objectives of the recent raid in Yemen were met, I would not describe any operation that results in the loss of American life as a success,’ McCain rebutted. The senator first said the incursion was a ‘failure’ but toned down his remarks.

Really Senator? No operation that results in the loss of American life is a success? Then by that metric, every single war America has ever been involved in has been a complete failure. Seriously, this is what is supposed to pass as an expert on foreign policy. Man I hate democracy.

Trump said Thursday morning that McCain should keep his opinions to himself – criticism of the operation ‘only emboldens the enemy!’

Yeah well, considering there are more than a few guys who were prisoners with McCain that claim he sang like a canary for the Vietnamese, I don’t find that to be a surprise.

‘He’s been losing so…….long he doesn’t know how to win anymore, just look at the mess our country is in – bogged down in conflict all over the place.

Well, he has no problem with the loss of American lives if it’s fighting in the interest of the Jews in Israel.

‘Our hero….Ryan died on a winning mission ( according to General Mattis), not a “failure.” Time for the U.S. to get smart and start winning again!’
Ryan is the SEAL who died in the operation, William ‘Ryan’ Owens.

We should keep Trump’s handling of the loss of a single American soldier in mind and think back on Hillary’s “What does it matter at this point” reaction to Benghazi.

6666Really, some guys dying….what does it matter to me at this point? 

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed negative assessments of the raid that reportedly killed 30 people, including some civilians, did a ‘disservice’ to the Navy SEAL – and McCain should apologize.
McCain isn’t budging. He told news outlets after Spicer’s briefing with reporters that he knows what a ‘failed’ mission looks like, all too well.

LOL Well yeah, I suppose that’s right. McCain is very familiar with what failed missions look like since everything he’s touched in this area turns to shit. He may have realized that this looks bad. Quick! Bring up getting captured by the Vietnamese for the six millionth time!

‘Many years ago, when I was imprisoned in North Vietnam, there was an attempt to rescue the POWs. Unfortunately, the prison had been evacuated, but the brave men who took— risked their lives in an effort to rescue us prisoners of war were genuine American heroes,’ he recalled.

Just think: if you hadn’t crashed that last plane you wouldn’t have even been there.

Three U.S. service members were wounded in the onslaught, along with eight-year-old Nawar al-Awlaki, known as Nora. The daughter of American terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, Nora was a United States citizen.

So where was McCain with his outrage when Obama intentionally killed al-Awalaki’s teenage son in a drone strike? I’m going to assume here that the purpose of the mission wasn’t to target and kill the 8 year old girl.

111                                         Trump should hand over all policy dealing with terrorists to John McCain. He is a real expert when it comes to dealing with these guys. 

McCain says any operation where a $75 million airplane is lost, a Navy SEAL is killed, and there are multiple casualties, including women and children, ‘cannot be labeled a success.’

LOL He brought up losing a plane!

On Tuesday, the former prisoner of war was quoted as saying the mission was a ‘failure,’ but a day later he appeared to soften his assessment in saying that it was not a ‘success.’

This article is going to set a record for number of times the term “prisoner of war” is mentioned. Now look, do not interpret my mocking of John McCain as some sort of slight against guys who were taken prisoner during war. There is nothing shameful in having been captured. What is shameful is the way this shill has thrown American lives at wars that were not in our interest but instead that of a foreign power who owns him lock stock and barrel. What is shameful is that this shill hides behind the prisoner of war title in an attempt to shield himself from criticism over the fact that his actions are treasonous. What is shameful is that we are supposed to take someone who has crashed multiple aircraft with his reckless behavior as some sort of foreign policy expert and if we point out what he has done and what he is doing then we are somehow disrespecting anyone who was ever a prisoner of war. Well you know what? I think the real insult to POW’s is the fact that this liar and traitor uses them as a shield against criticism of his political actions. For that, I hope someday he finds himself back in a camp. Perhaps a little closer to home this time.



Update On Story of Good Boy Accused of Raping and Killing White Jogger

We talked the other day about the arrest of a good boy who couldn’t have possibly done anything who is being accused and framed by the police for raping and killing a white women jogger who just so happened to have his DNA under her fingernails. Well today a few more details are coming out. If you remember at the time, it was being framed as he left his home upset and for reasons unknown and somehow just managed to accidentally rape and murder this white woman. The suspect’s father and sister said he was a good boy who graduated high school and wouldn’t even have done nuffin. Let’s take a look at the latest details.

A man accused of murdering New York jogger Karina Vetrano has allegedly told police he strangled her because she came from a white neighborhood.

Because she came from a white neighborhood? Why, this almost sounds as though race could have been a factor. That can’t be possible since the Jews have informed us that racial hatred only comes from white people.

111                                                                                   SMDH To think that people would suggest that this is the face of anything other than an angel. 

Chanel Lewis, 20, who was arrested in connection with the August 2 murder told one officer ‘I don’t like those people over there.’

Those people over there? Why I wonder whatever could he have meant by that?

According to the New York Post, Lewis refused twice to talk to a white detective, but when Barry Brown, who is black, entered the interview room, the suspect waived his Miranda rights.

This is as good a spot as any to stop and play a round of “Imagine if the races were reversed”.

Once in custody, he told them that he ‘lost it’ and choked her after venturing to the park while angry about how many people were in his crowded home, ABC reports.

Hey, let’s be fair. We’ve all lost it and gotten angry it happens to all of us. There isn’t anyone out there who hasn’t gotten frustrated and angry and the next thing you know, you accidentally raped and murdered someone.

111                                                                                         Make no mistake. There was no racial hatred involved she was just involved in a jogging gone wrong. 

While Lewis admitted to killing the jogger, sources told the network he denied raping her in interviews that were captured on film.

Niggers. What? Does he think he’ll get in more trouble for the rape than for the murder?

The suspect’s father Richard revealed on Monday he took him to hospital for cuts and bruises the following day but maintained his son was innocent.

Yeah this was the same guy who insists that his son was being framed and couldn’t have possibly done anything wrong. Turns out, he ran him to the hospital to get his fist treated from the sever bruising he had received from this woman’s face. If you think about it, the black was really the victim here.

There has been no official comment on Lewis’s mental condition.

I’ll comment on his mental condition: typical class A low IQ nigger.

He is a graduate of Martin De Porres School in Queens which teaches ‘marginalized’ students with emotional and behavioral problems.

In other words: niggers.


Students who attend the school are classified as having emotional disturbances which can include poor impulse control, poor regulation of emotions and frustration, a source told

The description reads like a text book as to typical black behavior. LOL It’s like we’re not supposed to notice.

Others are aggressive, anxious, depressed or a combination.


Lewis is one of five of his mother’s children and seven of his father’s. His family is of Jamaican descent.

Still think you’re going to out breed these people and the only answer is to start having more white babies? Let me tell you, we have to figure out what the hell to do with all of these blacks. They are openly hostile against us and will rape and kill us given the chance. It doesn’t matter that you know some special snowflake groid who you think wouldn’t do that (pro tip: he probably will given the chance), the fact of the matter is that as a group, these people are absolutely incompatible with a high trust modern society. So there you have it. You can have a nice modern functioning society or you can have niggers. You can’t have both. Since I can’t think of a single positive thing having blacks in our society brings to the table, you can guess which way I choose.

But Does it Come With Jew Lampshades?

Alright Nazis, time to ask if you would be willing to live in a house of horrors as depicted in a fictional film.


The ‘House of Horrors’ made famous by Schindler’s List where Nazi butcher Amon Göth shot Jews from the balcony is at the centre of a row after a developer began converting it into a luxury villa.

But Schindler’s List is a work of fiction. I’m betting the Jews want to turn it into yet another Holocaust museum.

Sadist Göth ran the villa with an iron fist, torturing Jews in the cellar and stabbing one of his maids in the leg because she did not set enough places at the dinner table.

Some people call 911 when they don’t get their order right at McDonald’s. Some people stab the maid in the leg.

The monster shot dead a young Jewish boy because he left the room without asking for permission. Göth also set his two dogs on his other victims, tearing them apart.

At some point, does some of this start sounding a little over the top to you?

In a notorious adaptation from the 1993 film Schindler’s List, the Austrian SS commandant, played by Ralph Feinnes, was shown shooting prisoners from the balcony of the villa.

But that’s a movie…….with an actor. Are movies now reality? In reality, there is a hill between the camp and the balcony so it would be literally impossible for him to have done this.


Developer Artur Niemyski purchased the property last year and is renovating it to move his family in.

Ah I see where this is going. Probably another Jew extortion racket.

Mr Niemyski insisted that he did not want to cause offence.
But he has rejected a campaign by British Holocaust education charity, JRoots, to turn it into a proper memorial, which is supported by one of the two tortured Jewish women held prisoner in the villa.

BINGO! The kikes want him to take the house that he bought with his money and hand it over to them in the name of a stupid Holohoax charity. I can’t help but be amazed when people act as though Jews wouldn’t lie when lying is all they do.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Göth’s Jewish maid Helen Jonas-Rosenzweig accused Mr Niemyski of whitewashing the horrors of the villa’s history.

No you kike bitch. The only thing he’s white washing is the walls because he bought something at a bargain price and is trying to make a nice house out of it for his family. It’s a piece of property, not some freaking Jewish shrine.

‘I was a prisoner in this house and a victim. I want the world to learn what happened there,’ she said.

Oh I’m sure the world will know. It’s not like you kikes are ever going to stop whining about it.

Monster Göth, who was married twice, had a passionate affair at the villa with mistress Ruth Irene Kalder, a beautician.

WTF does this have to do with turning his maids into lampshades and soap? Oh I’ve got it! He probably shaved their heads and used their hair for the mattress that he had sex with his mistress on.

Survivors recalled that the couple lived lives of hedonism amidst the shocking violence that took place on a daily basis.
‘He lived the most luxurious life,’ one survivor said. ‘He had a beautiful villa. There were daily deliveries of fresh meat, fresh cold cuts, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, wine, liquor.’
The Nazi war criminal would party ‘all night long’ with his girlfriend, the survivor added.

One thing about Jews, they’re not afraid of going over the top with their stories.

‘His mistress lived with the luxuries, beautified herself all day,’ the former maid recalled. ‘Lying with masks on her face, doing all kinds of mixtures for her skin… She would put music on so she didn’t hear or know anything [about the violence].’

Typical jealous kike.

Jonas-Rosenzweig served at the luxurious parties for SS officers and witnessed the systematic torture and abuse.
On one occasion, she saw a young, Jewish boy being shot dead on the spot because he left a room without permission.
6666Actual photo of the event. 

Don’t worry, it doesn’t get to the point of she eats her diamonds and shits them out to hide them from the Nazis, but it gets close.

She is haunted by Göth’s pet dogs. ‘One was black and white. He was so big,’ she recalled. ‘I brushed the dog, I fed the dog… He would give this order to the dog, Ralph, and it would tear people apart. Tear people apart, grab them by parts of the body.’

Nazi dogs: one minute Lassie the next Cujo.

111                                                                                     Tell me: does this look like the face of someone who would make something up? 

Another maid, Helen Horowitz, was stabbed in the leg after she failed to set enough places for dinner. ‘I overcame the pain and ran into the kitchen,’ she said. ‘And then I saw he’d cut through a vein.’

Miraculously she survived.

The basement, where Göth’s Jewish maids were imprisoned, has undergone ‘extensive renovation’ to protect it from damp. Developer Mr Niemyski plans to use it for a workshop and is considering storing wine there.

So what? For one thing, I doubt they were imprisoned there. That’s probably the room they had to stay in. What? Was he obligated to let the maids stay in the master bedroom? Second, even if that were true who cares? This guy bought the house with his own money. If the Jews wanted to make a Jew museum out of it, why didn’t they part with some of their precious shekels and buy it themselves? We see this racket all the time. Instead of purchasing property themselves, the Jews simply try to extort it from other people and force them to lose their money while the Jews cash in. Here’s another fun fact about the Nazi who owned the house: Hitler had him arrested for stealing Jewish property. “Wait a minute, how does that make sense?” you might ask when viewed in light of the supposed final solution. Well let me tell you how it makes sense: the Jewish property he stole were genuine Jew skin lampshades and hair mattresses and if there was one thing Hitler wouldn’t put up with, it was someone trying to corner the lampshade market.




Thoughts of the Day



I have been doing the Thoughts of the Day show for quite some time now. It’s amazing how time flies by when you’re doing something that you enjoy. In all the time I’ve been doing the show, I’ve never missed a single week of airing new content. This week I have to apologize as it’s a rerun of last week’s show. I guess there’s a first for everything. I’m currently dealing with some issues related to the show and TBH I was faced with the choice of trying to get a show done when my mind was occupied on other things and risk putting out crap content vs going ahead and just rerunning last week’s show until I can get this stuff ironed out. Fear not, next week’s show will be a new one and we will be airing the new listener topic segment! I’m looking forward to this new segment and we will be doing even more fun and interesting stuff in the future, so look forward to it.



Real Life Downsides To Race Mixing

We often hear the saying, “Burn the coal, pay the toll” in regards to mudsharks who so often meet an untimely end. It is simply a fact that if a woman goes mudsharking, she has a much greater chance of meeting a violent end than if she did not. This is not a disputable claim, it is cold hard fact. However there are other real downsides to race mixing. One of the things people don’t often stop to consider, is the tragic consequences it can have on the children produced by these relationships.

When Breana Cincotta was seven, she asked to see her own birth certificate.
She was convinced she was adopted and wanted to see the proof. Her mother Marilyn showed it to her and convinced her it wasn’t the case.
At school, Breana had been struggling to make friends and was even bullied. Her classmates would ask if Marilyn was her real mom or if Breana was actually adopted. Eventually she had started to believe it.
Why? Breana looks white but her twin sister Brittney looks black.

These kids obviously haven’t had it explained to them by Jewish professors that race is a social construct.

As a child of a black mom and a white dad, Breana was called albino and was even told she had to ‘choose a side’ between black and white.

Gee, I wonder what was the racial make up of the group making those demands.

111The girl on the right will have no problem being accepted into black society. The girl on the left, not so much. 

Mixed-race couples in Europe who are expecting twins have a one in 500 chance their twins will have different skin tones, UK geneticist Dr Jim Wilson told the BBC.

The fact of the matter is, if a white person mixes with a black the odds are the kids will come out black. All those centuries of accumulated genetics? Flushed down the toilet.

And as interracial marriages and relationships in the US increase, the likeliness of twins like Brittney and Breana are increasing as well. One academic hopes that more children like Brittney and Breana will help change the way the US views race.

Oh yay! An academic.

Francis Wardle is a professor in Denver, Colorado, and has been studying and writing about multiracial families since 1976. He teaches courses on diversity, education and multiracial children and families at the online University of Phoenix and at Red Rocks Community College. He has also written countless articles and three books on the subject of multiracial families.

You know what’s coming next.


‘Race is determined by the society and how they create categories,’ Francis said.

You see? Those elementary kids (no doubt black) had no idea that race was simply determined by society.

…until 2000, we wouldn’t even entertain the idea of mixed race….

Yeah because everyone knew it was a real shitty idea. Guess what: they were right.

…so race is nothing to do with biology, it has to do with the society and politics of that society.’

Do you get that Goyim? Since society never had to deal with mixed race children in the past because as a society we recognized that race mixing was a stupid self destructive idea, that proves that race is actually just something constructed by society itself. Only a Jew.

333         Look, GPL always tries to verify 100% if someone is Jew or not but come on…..

In America, Wardle said, the problem comes down to a rule called the one-drop rule.
‘The one-drop rule says that if you have a drop of black heritage somewhere in your lineage, you are black – which is stupid.

LOL wut? I’ve lived in America my whole life and I’ve never heard anyone quote this rule.

‘We all have genetic background from different places and the fact that they’re put into different categories is simply an artifact of a racist society.

What exactly is your genetic back ground, kike?

And there’s no logic to it at all. It doesn’t many any sense…

Yes because observable reality isn’t what you should believe. Instead you should try to somehow wrap your mind abound this Jewish gibberish.

Regardless of race, we’re all one species. There’s no biological discussion at all. It doesn’t make any sense.

Regardless of race? But I thought race didn’t exist? It’s almost like your line of bullshit is full of contradictions.

111Word of warning: when you’re young and stupid you might think, “Heh, she’s not bad for a nog! In fact, if I have a few drinks, she’s pretty cute”….

2222….this will be your life just a few short years down the road. 

Just look at that soulless look of despair on that guy’s face.

‘You have to continually deconstruct the stupid idea that there are somehow fundamental racial groups. There are not. They’re inventions of society initially to keep people down and it’s time to begin to deconstruct that.’

How do you know when a Jew is jewing you? Well pretty much anytime you’re dealing with them but one real tell is statements such as this. If what he is saying is the observable truth, you wouldn’t have to continually deconstruct the idea. The reason he has to continually deconstruct the idea is because what he is promoting is a lie. The fact is, if you choose to race mix, your actions don’t just effect you. Your parents will never get to enjoy grandchildren who look like them that they can be proud of in public. Your children will more than likely come out black, which means they will grow up identifying as black. As a result, they will wind up making children with a black which means your racial lineage will be destroyed. All in the name of selfish signalling for the lie that we’re all the same but for the color of thee skin. Don’t go this route. Trust me, you’ll regret it later if you do.




Amid Manufactured Outrage, Polls Show Europeans Agree With Trump

The media has put in some serious overtime showing every gathering of leftists out there whining about Trump banning terrorists from coming into our base. This is of course, supposed to leave the recipient of this propaganda with the impression that the people are overwhelmingly opposed to the policy of not importing people that hate us. However when honest polls are taken, the results show otherwise.

‘Sobering’ new figures reveal that more than half of Europeans favour banning immigration from predominately Muslim countries.

Sobering to who? Those of us who deal in the world of reality find this to be great news.

A survey carried out by London-based think-tank The Royal Institute of International Affairs found that 55 per cent of Europeans across 10 countries think further immigration from mostly-Muslim countries should stop.

Nobody could have predicted it! When people are confronted with diversity the reality vs diversity the fairy tale, for some reason they are opposed to it. I guess kebab stands aren’t worth it after all.

beach-boy-pepe              But what about the children?!

Trump signed an executive order immediately banning migrants arriving from seven nations – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen – for 90 days.
The move sparked widespread protests across the world.

Widespread protests organized and funded by Jews, that is. There is obviously very little to no grass roots support for these protests.

111Where exactly are these protesters coming from?

Researchers quizzed more than 10,000 people from 10 European states, asking them if they agree with the statement: ‘All further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped.’

Another way to have phrased the question would have been: “Are you opposed to child sex rings, rape and terrorism in your country?”

Opposition to future migration is largest in Poland, where 71 per cent said they oppose more migrants arriving from mostly Muslim countries.
In Austria this number was 65 per cent, in Germany it was 53 per cent and nearly half of Britons, 47 per cent, said they were in favour of a ban.

The disappointing 47% number in Britain isn’t because having been exposed to the joys of diversity the British are embracing it. You have to keep in mind that this poll undoubtedly also involved asking the Hajis themselves how they feel about it. I would be curious as to the results of a poll of white men only.

A statement from Chatham House said: ‘Our results are striking and sobering. They suggest that public opposition to any further migration from predominantly Muslim states is by no means confined to Trump’s electorate in the US but is fairly widespread.’

Again, this word “sobering”. Why so gloomy? What? Did you really think that people would be thrilled with the prospect of being replaced in their own countries by hostile invaders?

6666TFW you get the news that the people don’t approve of your population replacement program.

A quarter of respondents said they had no opinion, while 20 per cent disagreed with stopping immigration.

It’s always important to keep in mind the draconian laws against bad thought in Europe. With that in mind, you can bet a significant number of that quarter of respondents who said they had no opinion were simply afraid to voice their opinion. The 20% who outright disagreed with stopping immigration were probably Hajis themselves or women. Oh, and the Jews.

111Even obscured by these posters, I’d swear I’ve seen that face before. 

111Oh yeah, now I remember. 

Opposition to Trump’s policy has been widespread, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel saying it is ‘not justified to put people from a specific background or faith under general suspicion’.

We are already occupying Germany. Trump should just go ahead and mobilize the military and remove Merkel and put her in a camp.

And yesterday House of Commons speaker John Bercow told MPs he did not want to invite Trump to speak, stating: ‘I feel very strongly that our opposition to racism and to sexism and our support for equality before the law and an independent judiciary are hugely important considerations in the House of Commons.’

Forget the deception being attempted by the use of feel good words here. What this person is actually saying is that he supports child sex trafficing (he’s probably a customer) rape and terrorism in Britain.

A statement from Chatham House said: ‘There is evidence to suggest that both Trump and these radical right-wing parties reflect an underlying reservoir of public support.’

Yeah “public support”, in other words; the people. It turns out that the people themselves support stopping their countries being invaded by Haji terrorists and rape gangs. Why this is supposed to be shocking to discover, I have no idea. The real question is; why is it that the so called leadership of these countries are so in favor of these things?