Mudsharks: The Death of All Joy

Can there be anything that is more the epitome of selfishness than the mudshark? Everyone hates them, blacks (especially black women), whites, even people of other races who see them sneer in disgust. The mudshark cares naught about her family, her entire genetic history or society, all she cares about is rebelling like a spoiled child begging for the world to discipline her and give her direction. Today, let’s focus on how mudsharking effects your family. This article was prompted by this sad post.  I knew a man growing up who was a tough old cowboy. He broke and traded horses for a living his entire life and managed to provide a good living for his family. He liked to drink beer and he would tell you straight to your face what he thought and he didn’t back down from any man, no matter their position. I didn’t see him for quite a few years after I grew up. Many years later my dad and I wound up seeing him again as we were making some of the same auction circuits at the time as he was. Time had taken it’s toll and this old cowboy who was once a strapping strong man was now a hunched over old man. Time is the most relentless thing of all. My dad later went out to the old cowboy’s place one day to talk horses and this man’s grandson was there running around the yard. As it turns out, his daughter had been more cruel than time.

6666                            This isn’t exactly how I imagined spending my old age with my grandchildren. 

As you have no doubt guessed by this time, there was a little nigglet running around his yard. He looked at my dad with much the same look as the old man in the picture above, an empty look of resignation. My dad, having the tact to not question him about it left the topic untouched but the old man knew and being conscious of it spoke voluntarily of the matter. With a sigh he said, “Yeah that’s my daughter’s son. He’s a cute little rascal…..of course I can’t take him anywhere with me. Hell I’d be laughed out showing up with a little nigger.” Now, the signalling leftist’s response to this would be to point and scream that the problem lies with society that other people wouldn’t embrace his little nigglet grandchild as a precious gift. However the problem isn’t society, the problem is that this poor man’s selfish mudshark daughter couldn’t even have enough consideration for her family as to give her dad grandchildren he could enjoy and brag about in his old age. It’s not as though it was impossible for her to find a white man. No, it was more important to her to show society and her dad how modern and progressive she is, why she is so much smarter than every single generation that came before her for centuries that she went out in search of a monkey to impregnate her. I never saw that old cowboy again. He died a short time later. I had moved away and didn’t make his funeral but I’m sure he was surrounded by his family and all of his old horse trading friends. If he’d been around he probably would have been embarrassed as hell for his old friends seeing his half black grand kid there. That child will never grow up to be a horse trader, a cowboy nor will he identify as white nor identify with anything relating to her family and their heritage. He will no doubt grow up projecting the usual black gangsta culture that all other blacks do, in fact he will probably double down as he will feel he has something to prove. None of that matters to the mudshark, not how it will effect the lives of her own family who raised her nor how it will effect the result of her jungle fever. All that matters is sticking it to everyone around her in an act of of child like selfishness.



All Your Jobs Belong to Reyansh

Ah the joys of muh capitalism. I remember back in the 90’s when they first started shipping our jobs overseas they all stood up there and told us that we were all going to be retrained to do internet jobs. This of course ignored the fact that not everyone is going to be cut out for nor capable of doing IT jobs but even at that I remember thinking, ‘Yeah this job retraining will never happen’. Well guess what: the retraining never happened. People on their own did their best to adapt and learn computer skills and many managed to get decent paying IT jobs. Fast forward a few years and now they are importing Indian stink monkeys to replace us in our own countries so they don’t have to pay as much and they can up their profit margins. You see, this is the gap that National Socialism fills that neither Capitalism or heaven forbid Marxism has any sort of answer for.

6666I am your tech service now. Is the monitor turned on? Have you plugged the computer in?

What the worshipers of the supposed free market always fail to grasp is that their overlords in big business only like the free market when it means wages go down. If you complain about it, you will be accused of being a damned commie and hating ‘murica. However if the labor market shrinks and wages show a sign of moving up, they are all traveling to Capital Hill telling their sob story of how they just can’t find any workers (for what they are willing to pay) and the government just has to do something to help them. That something always amounts to importing foreigners to take our jobs. Now Mr. Free market will say, “Yeah but the problem here is government interference, not the market itself.” Grandpa Lampshade says that is 100% irrelevant. We don’t live in fantasy land as you wish it were we live in reality and reality is that this is the system we have and this is how it operates. Do you think all those Senators and Congressmen are going to stop taking the money and pass a law saying they won’t take bribes in exchange for bolstering Wall Street’s profit margins? If you think that, then I have a hefty inheritance in Nigeria for you, you just need to send me $5000 dollars to help me get it though customs.

6666            Muh free market it’s as American as burgers DDDD

Now the Marxist on the other hand says the answer is to hand all ownership of business over to these corrupt criminal politicians so they can get even richer. Government ownership of business worked out so well in the Soviet Union after all. Of course their answer to this is always that they are smarter than those people and if they get to arrange it, then it will actually work this time! Just look at China!

CHINA-UN-CLIMATE-WEATHER-WARMING-FILESChina, it’s a worker’s paradise comrade! 

I find in my dealings with people be it online or IRL that 99% of them have no idea of what a National Socialist system even is. Most think that it is the exact same thing as Communism. No, literally I have had people tell me this and say it with the smug expression that they just said something smart. National Socialism is NOT Communism, nor is it Jewish controlled European Socialism nor is it American Corporatism. In a National Socialist system, the government doesn’t take over control of all private property and private businesses do exist. The difference is that they are not allowed to sacrifice the good of the people for the sake of their profit margins. If they want to take an action that is detrimental to the people yet will make them richer, that is not allowed. At the same time, thriving business is very much encouraged as it is good for the people and the society as a whole. This notion that it is somehow morally superior to allow businesses to fire their native workers and import street shitters who will bring their entire extended family into the country just so they can show a higher profit margin is just suicidal. Yet, that’s where we are. I personally know a guy who had a decent paying job with a large computer company who was given the “You are going to be laid off next month but before you leave you have to train this stink monkey to replace you” treatment. This is happening all over.  First they shipped all of the production jobs overseas and put our people out of work. Now they are importing foreigners to replace the people in our own country to do the jobs that can’t necessarily be sent overseas. You all know this, yet you spend all of this time wondering how to fix this situation under a system that was essential in getting us where we are today. Here’s the short answer: you can’t. All of this talk Trump is doing about punishing American companies who are replacing our workers and costing us jobs? They are very mild National Socialist policies and they will work. Now just imagine how much better things could be if taken to a larger scale.

On Hate Speech

So after spending a busy morning at work, I finally get to one of my favorite parts of the day: eating my lunch and catching up on the news at the number 1 Republican news site The Daily Stormer. Alas, what do I find much to my dismay? My company’s proxy service has blocked access to the site do to “hate speech”.

sad-pepe-naziTFW you can’t even enjoy a little Republican news while you eat your lunch. 


Needless to say, this rustled my jimmies a bit. This got me to thinking about how the term hate speech gets thrown around all of the time, whether by general shitlibs or by governments looking to enact new laws shutting down free speech. However, we are never given an actual definition of the meaning of this term. It’s one of those things that everyone assumes that everyone else knows what it means so they don’t ask for specifics. However, if there is one thing that I’ve learned in doing what I do, it is to always watch the definitions of things as our enemies love to change them on the fly to mean what they want them to mean right at that moment. So let’s take hate speech. If you hear this term you will probably think the term means something along the lines of, “Speech defaming or encouraging hatred of people for no other reason than their ethnicity” or something like that. I just pulled that out of my ass by the way, which doesn’t matter because that’s what the left does continually and it works for the point of what we are discussing here. So now, sticking with this personal experience I began this post with, the top Republican and alt-right web site the Daily Stormer has been blocked because of hate speech. I decided while keeping a general definition of the term such as outlined above in the back of my mind, to do a little research. Off to the interwebs I go. First stop: The New Black Panthers web site. Nope, not blocked for hate speech. I gave their page a quick look through, I had to make it quick because even after a quick look I was suddenly finding myself having the urge to say “Muh dik bix nood mufugha”. Now, on their website there is all sorts of talk about fomenting revolution and though not specifically stated, the fact they are very much inclined to do this in a violent manner is quite obvious.

6666            The fact that you think these guys might fall under hate speech just goes to show that you are that much more guilty of hate speech whitey. 

Needless to say, every subversive Jewish supremacist organization is green lighted as well as La Raza or for that matter pretty much any group or organization that promotes their particular race….as long as that race doesn’t include white people. In fact, C.A.I.R. has been pointed at several times by the FBI as being more or less a terrorist support/front organization. Yet, no hate speech block.

fbi-pepeYou sand monkey better not be doing any hate speech over there. 

In Britain they are debating legislation that would basically define anti-semitism as any speech that points out bad things that Jews are doing…and you can go to prison for it. It becomes quite easy to see why we are never given an exact definition of hate speech once you start clinically looking at the facts. Since a site like The Daily Stormer has a strict no advocating violence policy that, if you are in violation of you will be perma-banned on a first offence yet these other organizations such as the New Black Panthers not only have no problem advocating violence, they have actually engaged in violent activities. In the end, if we are to give an actual definition of hate speech that is to make any sense, it would have to be something along the lines of “Any speech that promotes the interests of white people, points out racial differences in people other than white people in a negative manner or is simply not approved of by Jews.” Voltaire pointed out that if you want to know who rules over you, simply look around and see who you are not allowed to criticize. In light of this universal truth, it should be obvious to anyone that we are ruled over by hostile Jews.

Sweden’s Government Goes Full Retard

I remember being a teenager back in the day and seeing pictures of Sweden, namely the pretty girls there and dreaming of visiting there someday. Of course, as we all know, Sweden is quite different today. It’s more like Pakistan.

Officials in Sweden have been ordered to ensure that they are ready for war as fears of a Russian invasion grow.

Sweden is now officially overrun by Hajis invited to come rape their women and live on welfare forever and their go to strategy to distract the citizens from the fact their country is turning into a Mid East hell hole is to sound the alarm about a Russian invasion.

moslem-men                                                                These guys? They’re the new Swedes providing vibrancy like never before. What we need to worry about is a Russian invasion! 

The country’s Civil Contingencies Agency has sent out a letter to all local authorities telling them they must be better equipped to respond to the threat of war.

LOL War? The country has already been invaded. There’s only one war coming: race war.

6666The invading army’s slogan is, “All your bitches belong to Allah and us”

The strategy places emphasis on defending the nation from overseas threats by taking economic and civilian precautions as well as military ones.

How can the threat be overseas when the government is purposely importing them? While their people are being murdered in the streets and their women are being raped the military is doing drills to ward off an imaginary Russian attack.

It was ordered to be implemented last December citing a deterioration in the ‘security situation’.

How the hell have the Russians deteriorated the security situation? Your security situation has deteriorated because you’ve imported every piece of third world trash you could find!

Meanwhile others have accused the Swedish government of using the excuse of Russian aggression to justify spending more on the country’s military.

No it’s more like the government is using the excuse of Russian aggression to try and distract the people from the fact that they can’t go out after dark in their once safe first world country because now it’s a dune coon infested hell hole.

The letter comes as officials on Gotland, Sweden’s militarily strategic island in the Baltic Sea, said they likely will turn down a Russian request to rent harbour space after the government warned it could harm the country’s defense and political interests.

Russians want to rent harbor space? No way, that’s a threat! However if Hajis get to live rent free and rape as many women as they want.

Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist said renting out harbor space on Gotland — considered of strategic importance for military control of the Baltic Sea — would ‘negatively affect Sweden’s defense and political interests.’ He did not elaborate, citing security reasons.

Aaaaannnnd this is what it looks like when a government goes full retard. The nation is crumbling under the weight of the Haji invasion which the government has facilitated. Meanwhile they are trying to sound the alarm over Russian “aggression”. Of course, this so called aggression is never defined for anyone is it? When you look into it, it usually amounts to Russia moving troops around in their own country. Meanwhile women are raped daily, they are throwing their own native people out into the cold to give living space to the invaders and murder is a regular thing. It appears the script that all Western governments are going to follow is to plunge forward blindly and hope that they can distract everyone by blaming the Russians. This is beyond insanity. Do they think nobody will notice that the ones doing the raping and killing aren’t Russians but sand monkeys? I think that even in Sweden, the government is getting really nervous. Not because of some made up Russian invasion but because the voices of real men are starting to stir and are getting enough of this insanity. Not all Swedes are cucked. There are still real men left, men who are taking to the streets and this is what these Jews who control these governments are really afraid of.

6666The fire is rising. 

The Police Keep Gunning Down Our Unarmed Good Boys

Another unarmed teen was gunned down by white officers for no reason but the color of his skin. When will this racist hatred stop?

Shocking footage has revealed the moment a black suspect shot two white police officers in a parking lot after being asked repeatedly by one to take his hands out of his pockets.

Oh wait, never mind. You can tell that the story is from a non-American news source, as they actually mention the race of all involved. This is taboo here in the states. The media guide in America goes like this: if white officers shoot a black then highlight the race, if it is the other way around just say “a man”.

The police officers approached him after pulling him over on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle.
In bodycam footage of their exchange, Captain Schulman is heard asking the young man repeatedly to take his hands out of his pockets
Now everyone of these cops has to worry that if the guy suddenly draws a cell phone gambling on the ghetto lottery that they will be run through the wringer. The result: two cops shot by another unarmed teen.

Captain Schulman, 50, was shot in the armpit and officer Martin was shot in the hand. Both were taken to hospital.

On the bright side: niggers are notoriously bad shots so the cops should recover.

Captain Schulman, who is a father-of-two, remains in intensive care unit with a punctured lung. Officer Martin was discharged from hospital but must undergo specialist surgery to remove a bullet from his hand.
He is an army veteran who joined the force less than one year ago.
Can you imagine? You go through the Army and survive being deployed to multiple war zones only to come back home and take a bullet from a street groid.

6666                                                                                         Maaaan what u mean I gots to take my hands out my pockets? I ain’t even got nuffin in der but m cell fone! You cops be trippin 


The pair had pulled Gordon over at Zaxby’s restaurant on Monday at around 8pm after identifying the car he was driving as stolen.

Racial profiling in 2016. SMDH

6666                                                                                         This poor child shows signs of blatant police brutality. Somebody needs to pay his family! 


Lavonia Police Chief Bruce Carlisle called for an end to police shootings on Monday as he gave details of the incident.

LOL Wut? Yeah ok, that should work.

‘This has to end. I don’t know what the answer is but it has to end somewhere,’ he told Fox News.

End? How is it going to end? Nobody but Nazis are willing to even openly discuss what the problem is. As long as you have blacks in your society, you will have these random acts of vibrancy. Everywhere these people are, everywhere they have a significant presence we see the same patterns emerge over and over. It’s almost like race is a thing. Yet, everyone in positions of authority shuffle around even discussing what the problem is because if they did that, Jews would call them racist. And as we all know, nothing is worse than being called names by Jews, not even being shot by an unarmed teen.

It is Always Amazing to Watch an Artist at Work

When it comes to playing these leftists, Donald Trump is an absolute master. I’m not sure, the term evil genius might even apply. It’s like when I was back on Twitter trolling these people and I would find it so funny that they would fall into the same traps over and over again, sometimes even the same people would keep falling for it.


Trump has been beating these people at their own game now for over a year and yet they still haven’t caught on. It’s like Trump is Lucy and the media and Washington establishment are stupid Charlie Brown who keep trying to kick the football.

6666We were just sure we had him stumped this time! 


This past week has been a prime example of this. Starting this past weekend, the left doubled down on their “The Russians rigged the election” rhetoric, complete with bringing out the monkey President to tell everyone they had secret information that we couldn’t see that verified the Russians did it. Of course, we aren’t ever told exactly how they did it just that somehow Wikileaks is now working for the Kremlin or something. The usual bipartisan suspects made the Sunday news show circuit and whined about the Russian threat to our democratic values. Obama even went so far as to claim that there was something wrong with the public for caring about the content of the emails instead of the fact that they were being told without any proof that the Russians were ruining the democracy. This carried on into the week, with news story after news story about the Russian government interfering with the democracy. Their proof amounted to, “Well, since there were no Trump emails revealing deep corruption this can only mean that the Russians hacked our emails to make us look bad to help Trump.” Hours of media time were spent promoting this narrative……and Trump completely wiped it out in an afternoon. You see, Kanye West the horrible rapper who has a ridiculous amount of media fame arrived at Trump Tower and met with the soon to be President. If you aren’t in America, let me explain something to you here: so much of what passes for American culture is celebrity driven. Kanye has been all over the celebrity news for the past few weeks as supposedly having a nervous breakdown or something, you know the usual celebrity bullshit. So now, after the entire apparatus including the President himself have spent days trying to sell their “Trump is illegitimate as a President because Russians” fable what will people be talking about at the end of the week? Trump met with Kanye. After coming up with this narrative to try to discredit Trump, after spending countless media hours promoting it, Trump wipes the entire thing out with little to no effort on his part. He’s been doing this to them for over a year now and yet, they still haven’t caught on. This ride is going to be so much fun.




Presidential Chimpout

6666                                                                                     Man I tell ya dis mufugha Trump mufugha be all trippin wit dem Russian hos.


The monkey President continues to press the fake news story about Russian hackers electing Trump. This has reached the point that the only people who could believe this are brain dead leftists and maybe old people who don’t do the interwebs.

President Barack Obama took a slap at Donald Trump on Monday over his assertions that ‘no one really knows’ who hacked Democrats before the election or why.

Yeah because you see, that’s how actual hacking works. You don’t know who hacked you that is just retarded. Now I realize that to old people who don’t do the internet that hacking seems like voodoo or something but the fact of the matter is that it is virtually impossible to actually know where a hacking came from. Everyone with any sort of background in this stuff has told us that the Podesta emails more than likely came from him clicking on a phishing email, no doubt one offering discounts on extra thin pizza.

He took aim at the public next, scolding voters for their ‘obsession’ with stolen emails Wikileaks put out in the final weeks of the presidential campaign that were obtained through a hack on a senior Clinton aide’s personal account.

Yeah because it was actually quite revealing what a corrupt POS Hillary actually is, though that really shouldn’t have been a huge revelation at this point.

Earlier in the day Obama’s spokesman let loose on Trump in his daily briefing. He also accused the president-elect of willful ignorance.
‘He called on Russia to hack his opponent. He called on Russia to attack Secretary Clinton,’ Josh Earnest said. ‘So, he certainly had a pretty good sense of which side this activity was coming down on.’

LOL wut?

Josh EarnestCuck harder faggot.


Earnest and Obama were referring to Trump’s plea at a July rally that the Kremlin look for Clinton’s deleted emails next after it was revealed that top Democrats had been hacked, likely by Russia.
‘Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,’ Trump said. ‘I think you’ll be rewarded mightily by our press!’

Yeah that’s called sarcastic humor. It’s funny that virtually everyone else grasped this and only you faggots took it literally.

Democrats hit him for encouraging foreign espionage.

Asperger’s intensifies.

‘The president-elect in some of his political events, specifically said to the Russians, “Hack Hillary’s emails so that we can finally find out what’s going on and confirm our conspiracy theories,” ‘ Obama claimed in a Monday interview with the Daily Show’s Trevor Noah.

Ok look monkey, I realize you’re feeling kind of up on yourself getting interviewed by the real news: i.e. the monkey host of the unfunny Daily Show. However Trump’s exact quote is in this same article just above this and it’s quite clear that this is not at all what he said. So is Obama now saying that the documented fact that Hillary deleted 30,000 emails is also a conspiracy theory? Because if so, then the FBI is in on it.

The U.S. president said he still doesn’t understand why illegally obtained emails from Democratic officials, released online just before the party’s nominating convention, and a related hack on Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s account received more attention than revelations that Russia ordered the intrusion.

Because the emails revealed the Democrats screwed Sanders in the primaries, were scrambling around figuring out how to cover up all of her pay to play corruption and then there were all of these cryptic references using known pedophilia terminology. On the other hand, everyone knows that “The Russians are hacking!” was just something you all pulled out of you ass.

6666Why are people more concerned that we were running a zombie for President instead of our made up accusations about the Russians?


‘What is it about the state of our democracy where the leaks of what were frankly not very interesting emails, that didn’t have any explosive information in them, ended up being an obsession?
‘And the fact that the Russians were doing this was not an obsession?’ he added.

The state of the democracy is that the people chose Trump. The result of that decision has been ya’ll whining non stop like a bunch of bitches about it.

Obama told Noah, ‘The real question that I think we all have to reflect on is what’s happened to our political system where some emails that were hacked and released ended up being the overwhelming story and the constant source of coverage, breathless coverage that was depicted as somehow damning in all sorts of ways — when the truth of the matter was it was fairly routine stuff.’

Yeah well maybe playing dominoes on cheese pizza is routine for you people but for the rest of us, that comes off as kind of weird, like maybe you’re talking about something else. Also, didn’t the head of the DNC wind up resigning over this so called “routine stuff”?

The White House pressed pause on a post-election detente with the president-elect on Monday to harangue him for rejecting the CIA’s assertion that Russia engineered a series of hacks on Democrats to get him elected.

Yeah because if there is one entity that comes to mind when the word “trustworthy” comes up it’s the CIA, right after Jews.

Furthermore, the hackers pushed out emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, Earnest said in his Monday briefing. ‘Not from the RNC and Steve Bannon.’

Wow, that is impressive. No doubt Earnest must have read on Wikipedia about the nirvana fallacy. By this reasoning, if burglars broke into your neighbor’s house but didn’t break into your house, that means you were in on it.

‘It was the president-elect who over the course of campaign indicated that he thought that President Putin was a strong leader,’ Earnest said.

But that’s just a fact though. In fact, Putin has out maneuvered the African President at every turn.



‘What I’ve stated is not an argument, but really just a presentation of objective facts about what all of you and the American public knew in advance of the election.’

Wow then if those are facts that the public knew before the election then that means that the American people would prefer Putin for President over Hillary.

The president-elect told Fox News Sunday, ‘I think it’s ridiculous. I think it’s just another excuse. I don’t believe it.’
‘Nobody really knows, and hacking is very interesting. Once they hack, if you don’t catch them in the act you’re not going to catch them,’ he said. ‘They have no idea if it’s Russia or China or somebody. It could be somebody sitting in a bed some place.’
Note for those who are actually more computer illiterate than Grandpa Lampshade: what Trump stated above is an absolute fact. This notion that they know who hacked these emails is pure BS.

Obama has ordered a review of the hacking from the intelligence community for his own purposes.
The report may not be made public because it will contain classified information, the White House said.
So in the end here is a summary of what this stupid monkey and his affiliates are saying: everything that was damning during the election, including information that caused the head of the DNC to resign were all routine. What is really damaging is that we claim the Russians did it even though it’s impossible to know who hacked anything. Also, we have the ever trustworthy CIA along with 17 other intelligence agencies who for some reason never get named who have told us in confidential briefings that it was the Russians who leaked out the Democrat’s emails revealing their corruption. The President is so upset about it that he is going to have these intelligence agencies draw up a report before he leaves office proving that what he is saying is correct. Only, you probably won’t ever get to see this report because it’s confidential, you’ll just have to take his word for it. It’s funny, we have an African President and just as one might expect, our politics has devolved down to African level.