Tricky Kike Bloomberg Double Talks the Goys


If you are a working man in America today, this man THIS MAN has your best interests at heart!

One thing you can count on when it comes to Jews; though they may tell you just a snippet of the truth to make themselves sound believable, in the end you can be guaranteed they are jewing you over. Here’s the ever lovable Jew Bloomberg telling the poor working class how he has their best interests in mind. 

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg attempted to explain the sentiment of Donald Trump’s supporters, noting that many would be “flipping hamburgers” after they lose their jobs to technology.

When I first read this, I thought it said “after they lose their IN technology”; as in “Thank you for your service but you are now being replaced by Haji who will work for a fraction of what we were having to pay you, thanks to his H1B visa”. However this isn’t what Bloomberg is telling you. You see, it’s technology’s fault you are unemployed!

He acknowledged that technology, not global trade, is destroying an enormous number of jobs.

See if you can spot the false narrative. Nobody is claiming global trade is destroying jobs. Global trade is not the same as offshoring jobs. Unless by global trade you mean trading our jobs for worthless crap from the third world but I’m pretty sure that’s not the definition he’s using here. When you are dealing with these people you have to be constantly on the lookout for bait and switches, false narratives and out right lies. It’s their specialty.


Bloomberg later added that the “greatest conundrum” the next administration and the country faces will be how to create jobs as technology forces more people out of work. He noted some estimates suggest that up to 40% of jobs could be automated.

A little truth sprinkled in here and there makes the Goys fall for it hook line and sinker. You really have to hand it to these kikes, they’re very good at what they do. However, once you understand the game they play it gets easier and easier to spot. Yes, the Jew in the above quote is absolutely correct; automation and technology is shrinking the job market but it’s like they think we can’t remember any of the other lies they’ve told us before. So Mr. Jew Bloomberg tell us: if it’s true (which it is) that the job market is being shrunk do to automation, then why is it imperative that we keep flooding the labor market with more people? Whether it’s manual labor or technology  the call is MORE MORE MORE people. Remember back when they started shipping our jobs overseas? Remember how they promised they would be replaced with high paying computer jobs? How did that work out? Oh yeah, they replaced the computer jobs with imported street shitters from India. You see, the Jew will always try to frame what he says as concern for you and your interests but the Jew has one and only one concern: is it good for the Jews. You can rest assured, if it’s good for the Jews, it’s bad for everyone else.

There’s Only One Logical Conclusion to Observable Vote Fraud: it’s the Voter’s Fault

 Nothing to see here Goys, move along.

Early voting has started in many states, and some conservative websites are already trafficking in conspiracy theories that the election is being decided unfairly.

On Tuesday, the Drudge Report promoted a story from conspiracy theorist Alex JonesInfo Wars website, which had posted a summary of Facebook posts written by two different women in Texas.

One woman, Lisa Houlette of Canyon, Texas, wrote on Facebook that she thought she had voted for Donald Trump, only to see on the summary page before she cast her ballot that Democrat Hillary Clinton’s name was checked. Houlette could not figure out how to change that vote, and so she requested help from an elections official to fix the mistake.

Wow. He even used the term conspiracy theory twice! This must mean it’s double wacky right? It’s just theory Goys! You don’t want to be one of those tinfoil hat loonies do you? LOL Have you ever noticed that whenever these “errors” pop up, they always result in votes going to Hillary? Not a single time has one of these “glitches” in the system caused a Democrat voter to accidentally cast a vote for Trump. But hey, I also think Jews were neck deep in 911 so maybe I’m just one of those conspiracy nuts.


“I voted a straight Republican ticket and as I scrolled to submit my ballot I noticed that the Republican straight ticket was highlighted, however, the Clinton/Kaine box was also highlighted!” Houlette wrote. “I tried to go back and change and could not get it to work.”

This seems to be the pattern whenever one of these electronic voting machines has a “glitch”: you vote straight ticket and they try to trick you by changing just the Presidential vote so you won’t notice it. This isn’t the first time this has happened and the circumstances were the same. I guess this machine also needs calibration.

But a local elections official told Yahoo News that there was little reason to be alarmed. Shannon Lackey, the elections coordinator for Randall County, said the county’s Hart Voting System was 10 years old but is “working exactly as it was designed to do.”


You see? The machine is ten years old and doing exactly what it’s supposed to: change your Presidential vote from Trump to Hillary. Now go back to reality TV filthy Goy.

“I believe 100 percent in our equipment. I have done this for 10 years. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t believe in it,” Lackey said. “Every person that works in this office has had a background check. It is done in a room that does not have Internet ports.”

Ok, WTF does having internet ports have to do with anything? All that means is the machines were set up before hand to switch the votes out. Look, I realize that to a lot of normies the internet and computers are like magic but it’s really not that hard. The machines have to be set up before the voting takes place, which means that the candidates names, party, etc. all have to be entered and the machine set up to do what it’s supposed to do. I don’t think anyone out there thinks that you are somehow voting on the internet when you go in and use one of these machines, that’s just silly. Exactly what sort of background checks do they do? “Have you ever tampered with a voting machine?” “No.” “Ok, you’re good to go!”.

Lackey said Houlette, the voter, likely hit a button she did not intend.

LOL see? It was the voter’s fault. She just voted straight ticket but then went ahead and changed her Presidential vote and only that vote to the other party. It’s so easy to do! This is absolutely laughable if you have ever used one of these machines. The kicker was the fact that upon review, she couldn’t get the machine to let her go back and correct it. Nothing suspicious here you conspiracy nuts!

Republican nominee Donald Trump, trailing in the pulls, has repeatedly attacked the U.S. election system as “rigged,” while alleging widespread voter fraud — and without providing any evidence for such a claim. No evidence of widespread fraud or voting-machine malfunction in modern elections has been found.

LOL Any stories about the voting being rigged is pure conspiracy but our polls are totally legit and Trump is losing! Forget the Wikileaks emails showing them openly discussing how they rig the polls, that’s just more conspiracy nonsense. I also love the part where he says, “no evidence for such a claim”… that they would then ignore. Seriously, all of this Wikileaks information from poll rigging to instigating violence at Trump rallies would be devastating if we had an actual media doing it’s job. Instead, they just ignore it all and talk about how triggered they all are by Trump. They are operating under a big misconception however; they think if they can just keep Trump out by hook or crook things will go back to the way they’ve always been. They have no clue. Win or lose Trump is just the  beginning. All these normies supporting Trump will be so much closer to being ready to go full Nazi the more they get jewed over by this system. This cat is out of the bag, and there’s no going back.


Just Remember: It’s a Small Price to Pay for Diversity

Islamic State Militants Patrol Syrian Border

Sure, bringing these guys inside your base may look like a bad idea at first but when you think of all the various advantages that diversity brings, it’s actually a small price to pay. 

Police in Germany have stormed 13 buildings across the country after reports ISIS terrorists were planning an imminent attack.

Wow, Merkel told us helping these women and children was the humanitarian thing to do because of values but she never told us it would be this exciting. Remember the old Germany? Really a boring place, nothing exciting ever happened at all but NOW you just never know when the next big thrill will hit!

Police said all were people of Chechen ethnicity with Russian citizenship seeking asylum in Germany…

These women and children were fleeing the brutal civil war in Russia! How can you ever forget those images of the Chechen boy on the beach?

A bloody week of violence that rocked Germany began on July 18 when Pakistani teenager Riaz Khan Ahmadzai, 17, posing as an Afghan refugee, hacked at passengers on a train in Wurzburg with an axe, wounding five.

Read that again slowly. A Pakistani posing as an Afghan hacking people up on a train in Germany. Well, it is diverse, you have to give them that. Why though? Why are these people in Germany? Why are they in any of our countries? Why is it our humanitarian duty to bring them here at the risk that they will hack us up on a train because it’s somehow related vaguely to “our values”?

Four days later mentally unstable German-Iranian teenager Ali Sonboly shot nine people dead during a rampage through a shopping centre in Munich before taking his own life. 

He was mentally unstable. Nothing else to see here. It’s like in America when blacks attack whites it’s always “random acts of violence by teens”. If the soil is magic and bringing them to Germany magically makes them German than why are they doing the exact same thing they do in the middle east? It’s almost like these behaviors are genetic but admitting that would be racism.

Two days later a Syrian refugee, 21, hacked a pregnant woman to death in Reutlingen and on the same night Mohammed Daleel, 27, injured 12 people when he detonated a rucksack packed with metal shards and screws.


No one could have predicted that importing people that do this in their own countries could have had negative ramifications for your own country.

When the Jews told us that we had to be multi cultural to survive, they didn’t explain to us what that would entail. They didn’t tell us how we get from head chopping to paying the pensions. Moreover, they tell us we have no choice in this, it’s mandatory. Listen to the way they talk down to the people: this is the new normal, you will have to learn to adapt to it, things will never go back to being they way that they were, this is all inevitable. Well that’s debatable. If history is any sort of guide you know what else is inevitable? The people getting enough and expelling you kikes!


Once Again Kids: What’s the Number 1 Safety Rule to Always Remember?


Another white college girl gets beaten by “teens” for no apparent reason. 

Four teenagers have been arrested after a series of flash mob style attacks around Temple University campus in which college students were beaten by roving gangs of juveniles who surrounded them before punching and kicking them.

You always know it’s blacks right away when they won’t mention it being anything but “teens” or “juveniles”. I wonder what their motive was? It’s a complete mystery. Probably because of slavery and not enough money for dem programs.

Temple spokesman Ray Betzner told television station NBC 10 that roving juveniles played a ‘cat-and-mouse game’ with police. 

It’s almost like criminal behavior is a past time for these people. Oh wait, it is. Even though the media tries it’s best to conceal the race of the perps, dad is pissed and doesn’t mince words.

 He wrote: ‘I find out that her and her 2 male friends where badly beaten by a group of 30-40 black teenagers on their way home from the Temple football game.

Whoa! Better watch out there dad. You’re not supposed to name them. You are supposed to talk about “Troubled teens” and such. If she had been killed, you are supposed to do a balloon release and candle light vigil and talk about wanting answers as to why this happened.

‘If you have children at Temple, tell them to be careful…”

Yeah TBH you’ll be better off being straight forward and warning them to avoid blacks at all costs, especially when they’re running in packs.

In all, 50 juveniles were taken into custody.  

I tell ya, what’s wrong with these danged teens these days? Oh yeah, no it’s just niggers being niggers. Seriously. Why do we have to pretend these people are contributing something to our society?


Don’t worry, he’s one of the good ones! We can just chill out and maybe get stabbed later.

Temple campus safety director Charles Leone told television station WPVI that it appears victims were picked at random

Oh yes, completely random. No reason whatsoever we can figure out. What’s that? All the victims were white and all the perps were black? That’s just pure coincidence. To think otherwise would just be hatred of the color of the skin.


The violence broke out after about 200 juveniles, apparently responding to social media posts, converged outside an off-campus movie theater, Temple police said in a report to the university community. 

What do you do when it’s night and you have free time on your hands? Form a mob and attack whites. Sounds like fun! Look, it doesn’t matter if your kids think you’re backwards or guilty of badthink, you owe it to them to tell them the truth. If they choose to ignore that truth and get themselves into a bad situation, there’s nothing you can do about that but at least you warned them. As for the girl in the story, hopefully she has learned a valuable lesson that will help her avoid an even worse fate in the future: Around Blacks, Never Ever Relax.

Let’s Give Every Device in the World Internet Capability. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Anyone can post pics of their breakfast to Facebook but how about being able to post pics of your breakfast while it’s cooking? How the hell did we ever survive before?

A Chinese security camera maker said its products were used to launch a cyber-attack that severed internet access for millions of users, highlighting the threat posed by the global proliferation of connected devices.

Damned Chinese, went and admitted to it before Hillary’s trusted 17 security agencies could tell us it was the Russians. Turns out, it was the cameras.

The attack, which took down sites including Twitter, Spotify and CNN for long stretches, underscored how hackers can marshal an increasing number of online gadgets, collectively known as the Internet of Things, to disrupt the internet on an unprecedented scale.

LOLOLOL How does it feel to be banned from the entire freaking internet Twitter? It’s called karma. Seriously though, who the hell thought it was a good idea to connect everything from your thermostat to your refrigerator to the internet? I suspect now that people have figured out how to do this, there will be a lot more of this.

The attackers hijacked CCTV cameras made by Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co. using malware known as Mirai, the company said in an e-mailed statement.


All your internet are belong to us!

Agencies including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are investigating the outage but the perpetrators remain unknown.

Really? How can this be considering they all knew it was the Russians that “hacked” the DNC? My bet is the crafty chinks pulled a “In before the Russians”. These people lie so much that you can watch them contradict themselves almost daily. On the one hand, they are absolutely sure the Russians are interfering in U.S. elections by hacking the DNC and exposing Hillary’s criminal activity which is in direct violation of our American values of being able to commit crimes without being caught. While on the other hand this happens and they’re like, “Meh, I dunno bro”.

Xiongmai said products made before September 2015 were vulnerable because they ran on older firmware…

This is why I think we’ll see more of this now. Who the hell upgrades the firmware on their smart camera, smart toaster, smart thermostat or smart TV? I’m betting virtually nobody does. This should be entertaining. By the way, I hear that while the attack hit CNN and the New York Times, nobody noticed except them and when it first happened they were excited because they thought their web traffic had finally picked up.

Security professionals have anticipated an increase in attacks from malware that target connected gadgets.

Yeah you think? This notion that we can hook up everything from cars to kitchen appliances to the internet and nothing would go wrong is just retarded. Sometimes it’s like we just do things because we can and of course there has to be the new must have item to peddle to the mind numbed Goys. Someday when Skynet goes live it will have taken over every thing in our lives. We’ll find people frozen to death because there thermostats were turned down with their stiff fingers clutching their smart phones, their dead eyes frozen in disbelief that they died while being unable to update their status.


British Woman Suspects Migrant Child May be a Little Older Than Thought


Only a racist would refuse to help these poor children trying to escape the civil war in Syria or Afghanistan or somewhere.

A woman opened her heart and her door to a 12-year-old boy who had fled the horrors of war in Afghanistan after losing his parents – or so she thought.

In reality, not only was the boy in her care, Jamal, almost a decade older than she had been duped into believing, but he also had Taliban and child abuse material on his phone.

Yeah I know, you’re thinking the facial hair and fact that he was obviously built like a twenty something year old should have tipped her off but assuming so would be racism, pure and simple. Maybe she thought the civil war in Afghanistan caused the poor child to age prematurely.

However, the news did not come as a huge surprise to his foster mother, who gave her name only as Rosie, who had not only been extremely suspicious of his developed facial hair – which led to him being thrown off a bus as he looked too old for a child ticket – but also other characteristics.

Hmmm well sounds like there could at least be some hope for this woman. Perhaps not all is lost when it comes to Muh Aryan Princess! She realized something was wrong right away and took action, so you have to give credit where credit is due. I mean, she just thought she was helping one of the poor children fleeing the civil war in Afghanistan.

She took Jamal to a climbing centre, where he displayed upper body strength far beyond his supposed years and also was able to completely strip a rifle at a shooting range.

LOL Wut? I can’t help but picture her now, “Um, come on you little tike. I’ll take you to the park and then if you’re really good, I’ll take you for ice cream…or maybe the gun range.”


Sure he seemed a little big for his age but boy, was he able to tackle those monkey bars!

While in her care, he shared a room with three children aged between 12 and 14.

Ok, you remember that earlier part where I said there was some hope for this Aryan Princess? You see, that was that sarcasm thing that Grandpa Lampshade is so famous for. WT actual F? Yeah sure, he’s built like a twenty something year old and can field strip a rifle but it would be racist not to let him sleep in the same room with my kids. You will also note no sign of daddy at home to protect the kids by putting a stop to mom being a total freaking retard. Score another one for single mommyhood!

Rosie told the paper’s Nigel Bunyan and Chris Pollard: ‘It’s ridiculous how everybody else could see it but not the social workers.’ 

Bitch, you still let him share a room with your kids! Don’t try and play it off like, “Ha ha yeah these social workers are so stupid.” Who the hell brings one of these people into their home and then lets them share a room with their kids?

Although she could not confirm if he was a terrorist, she was adamant he had spent time in a training camp.

Yeah you know where else he probably spent time? Inside your kids you stupid twat. BECAUSE YOU LET HIM SHARE A ROOM WITH THEM!

She added that his last words to her were ‘I’ll kill you and I know where your children are.’

At this point of the story I’m willing to bet that she was banging Jamal herself. She probably got mad because he told her that her kids were better in bed than she was and when she threw a fit he threatened her with the old Allah Akbar treatment.


Well, on the bright side Britain, your women are now liberated and your system cares about the human rights of children fleeing brutal wars in other places like Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan. I mean yeah, getting blown up in your base and letting them have sex with your children can seem kind of rough but causing bad feels by being racist is really bad. I’m sure “Rosie’s” kids will carry fond memories of Jamal well into their adulthood. Thanks mom!